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What You Should Know About Purchasing and Using Recycled Auto Parts

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Auto parts recyclers can provide second-hand vehicle parts for repairs. This is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly option. However, there are some things that you should know before purchasing and using recycled auto parts.

Purchasing the correct part

When purchasing a recycled part, you should have all the important information regarding your vehicle so that you can find the correct part. This includes the make, model, fuel type, gearbox type and part number. If you are buying an engine, you should provide the engine code to the auto parts recycler. Many auto parts recyclers can now use a database to find the correct part for you if you provide your vehicle registration number.


If you wish to buy a recycled auto part to be used in your vehicle, ensure that the part is sold as tested. Untested parts are typically labelled as faulty, spares or repair. These parts may not function correctly. If you purchase an untested part, you may not be able to return it, so check with the auto parts recycler before purchase.

Environmentally friendly

Auto parts recycling offers vehicle parts that already exist, so their use can be recycled. This is a sustainable method of vehicle repair. It means that when you buy a part from an auto parts recycler, the manufacturer has not had to use extra energy to make and transport new parts. Using recycled auto parts is also cost-effective at an individual level, as they are generally a lot cheaper than new parts.  

The part may not always fix your vehicle

If you have an issue with your vehicle, it is not always possible to know which part is causing the problem. If you buy a recycled part and it does not fix the problem, you may not be able to return it. You can check the terms of return with your auto parts recycler.


If you are purchasing and fitting a recycled engine, there are some extra details that you should be aware of. Many recycled engines will not be supplied with fuel, so you will need to supply this before driving your vehicle. Additionally, recycled engines may not include an oil filter, and if they do, it is recommended that a new filter is fitted. Furthermore, when using a recycled engine, a new cam belt should be installed. If you do have an issue with the engine, or any other recycled part, ensure that you have kept the receipt and communicate any issues with the auto parts recycler.