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Signs That Your Car's AC Needs Immediate Servicing

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Your car's air conditioning system is arguably one of the best features as far as comfort goes. Naturally, you would expect it to be one of the priorities during car servicing. Unfortunately, it is not often the case since most motorists ignore the AC system for months or even years. Sadly, such negligence renders an AC ineffective, unnecessarily lowering the value of your car. Notably, you must service an AC system regularly to keep it running optimally. This article dwells on telltale signs that your vehicle's AC system needs to be taken to a car service.

No Cold Air 

When you turn on the air conditioning system in your car, you expect cool or cold air to come from the vents. It is an indication that the system is working optimally. However, if an AC system is on but only hot or warm air is coming out of the vents, you have a problem. It usually happens when there is insufficient refrigerant in the reservoir, which requires recharging. You are unlikely to notice the issue during the winter since you rarely use a car's AC system. Therefore, it is advisable to have an AC refrigerant checked regularly to ensure enough is available to keep the system working optimally.

Condensation Inside Car Cabin 

The air conditioning system in your car comprises different components, key among them being a compressor, a condenser, a refrigerant and an evaporator. When running, an air conditioning system uses a refrigerant to cool the air inside your car's cabin by absorbing heat. Therefore, when you see condensation, particularly around the vents and dashboard region, there is something wrong with your AC system. One of the primary reasons for condensation is a blocked hose within the system, allowing cool air to leak out. The issue must be addressed immediately because condensation can cause shots in your car's electrical system and make the carpet damp.

Strange Rattling Sound 

If you love loud music in your vehicle, you should tone it down a bit occasionally to listen to your car. When you do so, you might hear strange rattling noises coming from the air-conditioning section. It is usually a sign of a worn-out condenser or debris clogging the system. Whichever is the case, an immediate checkup is necessary to address the problem and get an AC functioning properly. If you delay servicing the system, the build-up of debris might affect the compressor and warrant expensive repairs.