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4 Signs that Your Car Needs Servicing

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Cars make movement faster, easier and more convenient. They also need care from time to time if they are to retain their optimal function. Responsible vehicle owner does not wait until they have a negative experience to take their car to an auto mechanic. Instead, they have a regular maintenance schedule. However, sometimes life gets busy, and people forget the basics of car maintenance. It is always advisable to closely watch for signs that the state of your car might have deteriorated and needs servicing. Here are four signs that you need to visit the auto mechanic.

When the Dashboard is Communicating 

Vehicles have become more efficient, thanks to computerization. The machine can self-diagnose and indicate when something is wrong with a part of its system. The dashboard can give you a lot of information about your vehicle. For example, the check engine light signifies that you should have the engine assessed for complications like overheating.

Failure to have a professional service the car on time could lead to knocking and other damages that might be costly to repair. Similarly, when a spanner appears on the dashboard, the vehicle is communicating that it needs service. You should take the signs seriously and visit a nearby shop for repairs. 

When It Sounds Different

Every vehicle owner has a set of sounds they have come to associate with their vehicle. These sounds become so familiar that you can tell when it starts making a different set of odd noises. You should never ignore your vehicle when it makes unusual noises. Always investigate when the sounds occur, which part of the vehicle they are coming from and how they sound. You will have an easy time explaining to the auto mechanic and getting their opinion on what could be wrong with your car. 

When it Has Mystery Leaks

A well-maintained and functional vehicle should never leak. The presence of puddles on the garage floor, driveway and around the car shows that a part of the system has stopped functioning as it should. Some typical sources of leaks include oil, brake, and transmission fluid. You should take the vehicle to an auto mechanic if you experience brown or black liquid. The only harmless leak is water from the AC or the exhaust. 

These are some tell-tale signs of a vehicle that needs the service of a competent auto mechanic. Contact a car service to learn more. They can get your systems checked and tuned for optimal performance.