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How to Make Sure That Your Custom Exhaust Is Truly Complete

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Do you take a great deal of pride in your runaround? If so, you may like to show it off to others at your local car club and may even enter it into competitions to try and win a 'best of show' award. You understand that true greatness is not skin-deep, however, and have invested quite a lot to make sure that your car not only looks good but goes well. Recently, you upgraded the engine by fitting a new turbocharger as well as a custom-made exhaust system, and while the job is almost finished, you're not quite there yet. What do you need to add to your exhaust to guarantee that you will win that coveted award next week?

Finishing off the Job

As you know, a custom exhaust can really look the part when you open the bonnet of your car to those admiring gazes. Yet it can also be a very precisely engineered product that helps to cut down on restriction and ensure that your engine breathes more freely. A lot of attention will have been paid to the custom exhaust fabrication to ensure that the internal diameter is consistent throughout and you will probably have upgraded your catalytic converter and silencer, as well. The pièce de résistance, however, is going to be the exhaust tip, and this can really add to the exclamation point to your work.


You may decide to polish the metal here by buffing it using a special process. In this way, you can bring the surface up to a very shiny and almost mirrorlike consistency. To begin with, you need to degrade the existing metal using different grit paper, before using special buffing compounds to polish it to the required level. It's certainly possible to do this by hand, but it's simpler to ask your technician to use power tools with special attachments, buffing and polishing discs.

Chromium Plating

You may like to fit a chrome tip instead, and this requires its own process to add chrome plating or chromium to the metal. To begin with, you need to degrease the existing surface to get rid of all dirt and impurities; this is very important if the process is to be successful. Once everything is ready, it will need to be placed into a special plating vat, where it is introduced to the chromium. Electricity will need to flow through the process for a certain amount of time until the desired level of thickness is reached. Of course, this is a specialist job and should be handed over to your friendly technician.

Don't Stop There

If you want, you can choose from a variety of different exhaust tips and change them up for special occasions. After all, if you're going to keep winning those best of show awards, you need to keep turning up with something new.