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Need Help? How To Ensure You Never Get Caught Unprepared On The Road Again

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There are over 19 million registered vehicles in Australia which means there is more than one for every person able to drive in Australia. With this massive amount of cars on the road, Australia is one of the most gridlocked nations in the world due to big traffic jams at peak hours. Not all traffic jams are started by crashes though, as on the highways and in tight spaces a broken-down car can be just as much of an obstacle on the flow of traffic as a crash can be. If you ever find yourself in this situation, it can be overwhelming which means you should do everything possible to be prepared, so you do not have to think on your feet in your flustered state.

Let Other Motorists Know

The first and most important step in ensuring everyone is safe is letting other motorists on the road you are on know that your car is malfunctioning. Put your hazard lights on and try and pull off to the shoulder or the side of the street. If you cannot do this try and manually push your car onto the side of the street and enlist any help you can from onlookers, they will be only to glad to help you out of their way. After this is done stay off the road and a little bit away from your car so that you are not injured if someone does not see your car and clips it.  

Know Your Emergency Roadside Assistance Provider

Depending on your level of car insurance with your provider you may have emergency roadside assistance included, and you should keep that number provided by them with you at all times. Saving it in your phone is an easy way to keep it safe, but in case you forget your phone, it is best to also have a hard copy somewhere in your car like the glove box. 

If you do not have emergency roadside assistance included you may have to call an emergency roadside assistance hotline so that they can send out a tow-truck or a mechanic, depending on your level of need. It is very advisable that you choose car insurance that provides this level of cover as it can happen at any time and can cost you thousands if you are not covered.

Keep Basic Tools And Replacements In Your Car

If you are able to fix the problem yourself with basic tools, then you can try this as long as you are not in other people's way. You should always have an essential repair kit in your car and at least one spare tire. Remember, if you are outside of the urban areas, Australia is a vast place, and you might need to make a makeshift repair until you can get to a place that can provide expert care.